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5000mAh high capacity battery allows you to charge on the go

Connects to USB-A, USB-C, micro USB and lightning devices

Unique OctoPad design suctions to the back of your phone or device

Easily connect to your device.

Track your charge time.

Four ways to charge.

Convenient to use anywhere.


I take my gobatri on my daily dog walks and every time I go camping. It has provided me (and my teenage daughter) power when we were out so many times! Can't camp without it!

Tina L.

Tustin, California


We have gobatris on our corporate aircraft. Our owner takes one with him in different countries and cities ALWAYS. We make sure he is never without battery power for all of his devices.

Erin B.

Laguna Beach, California


I used these as swag for a sales conference. They were a huge hit and people were using them during the entire conference.

Cole G.

Irvine, CA


As someone working in aviation I often find myself working long hours and don't always have access to a phone charger. Gobatri has been a lifesaver many times! It is compact enough to stick to my phone and fully charges my s21 Ultra. If you find yourself away from a charger, this is the ticket for keeping your electronics ALWAYS CHARGED!

Dennis A.

Boise, ID


This power bank saved me in my Tesla. My cell battery went rom 9% to 0% in about 10 minutes and I dond't have my car key and couldn't get into my car. Luckily, my daughter had a gobatri on with her. I charged my phone and was on my way.

Michael S.

Morristown, NJ

gobatri boost 5000mAh on-the-go power bank
gobatri boost 5000mAh on-the-go power bank
gobatri boost 5000mAh on-the-go power bank
gobatri boost 5000mAh on-the-go power bank
gobatri boost 5000mAh on-the-go power bank
gobatri boost 5000mAh on-the-go power bank
gobatri boost 5000mAh on-the-go power bank
gobatri boost 5000mAh on-the-go power bank

gobatri boost 5000mAh on-the-go power bank
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Let gobatri offer you peace of mind while off the grid by providing instant power to your phone & small devices from a simple lightweight,easy-to-use power bank.
  • Pocket friendly & easy to operate, making it handy & convenient to use anywhere
  • gobatri uniquely suctions to the back of your phone via our OctoPad
  • Four ways to charge allows you to charge Apple, Android, Google & small devices
  • Typically, a fully charged gobatri will charge your phone 1 to 1.5 times; suitable for on-the-go charge up anywhere
gobatri - Four ways to charge
  • Efficient battery cells provide maximum output power while also being extremely safe during use.
  • Extend operating hours of devices during long off-grid periods such as:
    -while playing outdoors
    -while shopping
    -during concerts
    -playing sports or watching sporting events
    -while traveling on airplanes
    -at school 
    -on the beach
  • Emergency backup power for storms, earthquakes, fires or other events where grid power is lost.
  • Customization available that offers brand affinity with your company logo.
  • Avoid germs that linger at charging stations & have your personal gobatri on you.
  • Four Blue LED lights on the front side indicate the remaining charging capacity of the Power Bank:

    gobatri charging indicator
Additional Specifications
Item #
Battery Capacity
Cell Type Li-Polymer Battery
Charging Output 5A/1V

Charging Input 1

Charging input 2

Cycle Lifespan More than 500 times
Material Plastic
Call Time Per Charge 16 Hours *see below

Web Browsing per 


8 Hours

Average Time to Fully

Charge Power Bank

4-8 Hours via USB
Color White or black branded, white or black non branded
Dimensions 4.7" T x 2.6" W x .27" D (120x68x7mm)
Weight 3.8oz. (110g)

1 Power Bank + Neutral Package + USB Re-Charging cord + Suction Sticker

*Charges iPhone 7 (running iOS 10) up to 1.2 times on a single charge during internal testing.

gobatri branded gobatri Garmin gobatri The Players gobatri The File Group gobatri Mercedes

Customize your gobatri

Optimize brand affinity with your company logo. Ideal for promotions, sales events, VIP client gifts, weddings, corporate advertising and more.

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