Using your gobatri:

Locate the stripes/arrow rubber on the bottom left side of the power bank and gently pull the short cord out of it’s home port.

For lightning devices- Plug in any side of the 2-1 Connector to your phones lightning port.

For Micro USB devicesOnly one side of the two sides will charge your device. 

A branch sign is marked on the male connector; plug it in with the branch sign up.

For Type-C or USB devices- The adapter is stowed inside the case beneath the charging cord.  Plug the 2-1 connector into the stowed adapter.  Keep both branch signs in the same direction.

  • The battery recharges your device at approximately 1% every 2 minutes. This is based on the phone beginning from 0% charge.
  • Depending on the battery size of your device, it will provide at least 16+ hours of battery life.

 Recharging your gobatri:

  • The separate white cord provided is only used to recharge the power bank. The re-charging port is located on the bottom right exterior edge. 
  • Connect the power bank via a Micro USB cable with a computer port or a power source adapter/charging block. Flashing blue lights on the front indicate it’s charging. Four solid blue lights indicate it is fully charged. This can take up to 5 hours, depending on the size of the power block plugged into the electrical outlet. 

gobatri Care:

  • gobatri Power Bank is not waterproof.
  • To clean, simply wipe the area with an alcohol pad. Prevent using it near the ports. 
  • Suction works best with a silicone case.