Portable Power Bank $30-$35
Portable Power Bank $30-$35
Portable Power Bank $30-$35
Portable Power Bank $30-$35
Portable Power Bank $30-$35
Portable Power Bank $30-$35
Portable Power Bank $30-$35
Portable Power Bank $30-$35

Portable Power Bank $30-$35

Regular price $30.00

  • gobatri provides 5000mAh instant power to your phones & small devices from a simple, easy-to-use, slimline & no-cords-needed power bank.  

  • gobatri uniquely suctions to the back of your phone while acquiring brand affinity with your company logo. 

  • Pocket friendly & easy to operate, making it handy & convenient to use anywhere. 

  • "Four" ways to charge allows you to charge Apple, Android, Google & small devices.

  • Typically, a fully charged gobatri will charge your phone 1 to 1.5 times, suitable for on the go charge up anywhere. 
  • Efficient battery cells provide maximum output power while also being extremely safe during use. 

  • Extend operating hours of devices during long off-grid periods such as:

    -while playing outdoors
    -while shopping
    -during concerts
    -playing sports or watching sporting events
    -while traveling on airplanes
    -at school 
    -on the beach 

  • Emergency backup power for storms, earthquakes, fires or other events where grid power is lost.

  • Avoid germs that linger at charging stations & have your personal gobatri on you. 

  • Four Blue LED lights on the front side indicate the remaining charging capacity of the Power Bank:




Additional Specifications
Item #
Battery Capacity
Cell Type Li-Polymer Battery
Charging Output 5A/1V

Charging Input 1

Charging input 2

Cycle Lifespan More than 500 times
Material Plastic
Call Time Per Charge 16 Hours *see below

Web Browsing per 


8 Hours

Average Time to Fully

Charge Power Bank

4-8 Hours via USB
Color White or black branded, white or black non branded
Dimensions 4.7" T x 2.6" W x .27" D (120x68x7mm)
Weight 3.8oz. (110g)

1 Power Bank + Neutral Package + USB Re-Charging cord + Suction Sticker

 *Charges iPhone 7 (running iOS 10) up to 1.2 times on a single charge during internal testing.